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Bed head units have been created for grouping all the necessary electrical, lighting, data, communications equipment and medical gases services and are designed to serve:

Normal hospital care, intensive care areas, special care areas (reanimation, geriatric, coronary, etc.), nursing home and hospice.


All models of B.H.U. are constituted of extruded aluminum profiles, stove enameled, having different components for power mains, low and extra low voltages and for medical gases.

All units are tailor-made solutions, according to each installation. The units can be equipped with any desirable type of electrical and medical gas outlets.



The BHU internally is separated into  independent channels for:

• Lighting for reading,  examination and up lights and electrical elements (switches, sockets etc.)

• Independent channels are used for wiring, low and high voltage.

• Copper pipes and medical gases outlets


The units can be either wall-mounted or suspended. The units can be produced in different lengths up to 6 meters and one unit can serve multiple beds.


Typical placement of BHU is wall-mounted and horizontal.

In some cases, the same BHU profile can be placed vertical or suspended.

It is used in specific rooms where wall mounted BHU   installation is not possible (in cases where there are windows, columns or other obstacles).



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